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Rushmore Casino Review

Rushmore Casino $3000 sing up bonus

Rushmore Casino provides a feeling that is very similar to the one that you get when you are attending a live casino event. They have deliberately designed their services in such a way as to enable the user to imagine that they are in a real casino. In this aspect Rushmore Casino has gone beyond the efforts of its rivals and has created a great competitive advantage. They have used amazing graphics and authentic sound effects to ensure that you really believe that you are experiencing the real thing.

The site is extremely well structured with specific landing pages for each activity that you choose to participate in. They offer some of the most popular games including Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, Craps and Roulette. Rushmore Casino has many promotional events and activities that attract or retain its large clientele. In this aspect the casino is taking care to ensure that their customers are at the forefront of any innovations. Each game has its own set of promotions and the landing pages will direct you to the right place to register for these promotions. There are also game reviews that can give you an insight before you commit to actually playing the game.

Tournaments galore

The online blackjack tournaments have removed the idea that it is impossible to win in gambling because the house advantage is no longer such a big issue. At the Rushmore Casino they recognize this and you the player will be able to get a fair shot at winning. With the tournaments you will be competing against the other players and the best man will win. House advantage has nothing to do with it and therefore you should not feel worried about gambling online.

Rushmore Casino offers both the single table arrangement and the multiple table setting. The casino is the administrator of the tournament and is therefore not interested in tilting the house advantage in its favor. The goal for the tournament participants is to outwit their opponents and walk away with the ultimate prize. Rushmore Casino offers the facilities to be able to monitor your progress across the year. Their leader board is fairly comprehensive and accurate so if you are really determined to improve your lot, then Rushmore Casino is the casino for you. You can see that they make every effort to grow with the industry and they are constantly coming up with new things to tempt the customers.

Other benefits

One of the things that you need to look out for when you are playing at the Rushmore Casino is the million dollar progressive jackpots. There is a direct relationship between the popularity of an online casino game and the number of progressive jackpots that it offers. The use of RTG means that you can get your prizes fairly quickly. Popularity contests are normally won by the mid life crisis, the shopping spree and it’s good to be bad. The prizes on these games are hovering on the million dollar mark and everyone is just dying to have a go.

Rushmore Casino still has more exclusive bonus deals that should attract any doubters onto the site.

The players at Rushmore Casino can choose between the twelve hundred and the twenty four hundred dollar bonuses. This is an alternative to the old $888 sign which had the one hundred percent bonuses that accompanied the twenty five dollar deposit. XXXXX is the code for the first bonus which runs at about four hundred percent. The second code is XXXXX which works on blackjack and is matched by up to two hundred percent. Rushmore Casino does not exclude blackjack from bonuses unlike some other casinos.

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