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Online casinos need look no further than the Rome casino to see how a simple brand idea can be developed into an excellent casino facility that offers first class services to its customers and yet is compliant with the industry standards that are meant to be peripatetic. When we look at the Rome casino, we can see what a good casino out to look like and some of the things that we should be assessing when we are deciding to rank the casinos in terms of their performance. This article is not meant to be the eulogy to the Rome casino as the epitome of what is perfect in the gambling industry. The gambling industry is never perfect and has never been perfect.  When we are reviewing the Rome casino, we will merely be looking at some of the key themes that will enable us to identify and follow what are acceptable standards for a casino in the modern age.

The qualities of the Rome casino

  1. The casino was within the initial set that was included in the Top Game Platform. At the time this was new concept in the industry but the platform has continued to perform well in the industry and on some occasions it will even outperform some of the establishment casino platforms. The launch of the Rome casino has to be applauded because it provides further choice to consumers of the online gambling service. If only the establishment providers are allowed to prosper in the industry, then it will be poorer and will most likely not provide the kind of quality services that out to be a minimum requirement.
  2. The personality of the Rome casino is derived from its associations with the arts of gladiators in ancient Rome as well as a carefully planned package of entertainment that ensure that no one goes home thinking that the Rome casino is a dull place to be. Some people might think that it is somewhat pretentious to put gambling next to one of the historical monuments of our age. However gambling is an ancient art and even though we are not going online, the principles still remain fairly stable. I am of the view that the choice of the name has enhanced the reputation of the Rome casino because it was an inspired choice.
  3. The software suit for the Rome casino is quite impressive and competitive if given a fair comparison in the industry. They have worked to ensure that they are modernizing at every available opportunity. For example the download speeds have improved because they have compressed the content to only three mega bytes. Furthermore they have created the options whereby the user can play up to nine games simultaneously without seriously affecting their bandwidth. All this makes it easier for people with ordinary computers to participate in the game and has to be taken as part of the drive to increase the levels of participation and ensure that gambling grows as an industry. Without its excellent software, the Rome casino would not have been able to achieve all it has managed so far.
  4. The website is user friendly and will go out of its way to provide payment options that work with US customers. This is rare in an industry that routinely places restrictions on this segment of customers. If you really wanted to be pedantic you could say that the Rome casino does not discriminate against residents of the United States of America. This is very good news for its business prospects as well as the public relationships programs that are so important for business today. This approach is complemented by a team of staff who understand that the customer must always come first. The way that a gambling site treats its customers has an impact on the level of customer retention that they can expect. There are now user groups who will not hesitate to trash companies that are not user friendly. It is therefore commendable that the Rome casino has so far remained on the good books of the customers.
  5. The website offers very lucrative bonuses for people who have just joined. For example we have up to 200% which can earn one thousand dollars. You might be a web only customer in which case you will be entitled to a five hundred dollar bonus. The bonuses keep increasing as you stay longer in the game and demonstrate brand loyalty to the company. In an industry where losses can have catastrophic effects on the players, it is refreshing to note that new entrants are allowed to make so much money on the Rome casino systems. Other companies will try to make restrictions until they are certain that the players are going to stay with them for a long time. This sometimes has the effect of driving away potential entrants into the market.
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