Party Casino 15K offer promo and much more!

15K Party Casino promotion plus more

Party Casino is holding a very short period promo offer for its online players starting from 10th till 14th October. Even if the promo is only valid for a shorter period of time still players have a chance to generate $15000 in cash.

The fact is that each player playing at Party can expect to win around $650 or more. In present time the wagering band promotional offer is very much common in the online world.

So if you are looking forward to win this amount then it is certain that you might have to try and participate in the $500 minimum wagering at Party Casino Bonus Code.

The moment you get registered it is certain that you are entitled for receiving $10 bonus offer. Players have to compete for total of 11 wagering bands. If you are used to investing big money then it is certain that you might get $650 bonus offer. You also have an option to make use of bonus amount to play USA Online Casino games on 17th October. You also need to keep in mind that all other terms and condition for the game play shall be same to any other online game play.

It is important that before you get started you need to check with the terms and conditions of the game play. There are also a number of games that are eligible for this 15K promotional offer. It is important that the bonus amount can only be used to play certain game play. One of the main attractions are the slots where you can try and wager this bonus amount. Some of the best online casino slots variations are Mad Monkey, Da Vinci, Joker Jester and Cleopatra cats. Apart from this there are a number of other games so it is important that you go through the list of games.

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