Online Pai Gow Poker – Complete Guide to Play Pai Gow Poker and List of best Casinos to practice for Free

Online Pai Gow Poker

Overview of the Game: Blended from American Poker and Chinese dominos, Pai Gow is one of the most intriguing games on the market at the moment. It is undertaken under the guise of fifty two cards but may also include the unexpected wild card. In order to win the player has to be able to assemble up to two hands that are higher than the two hands that are presented by the banker. The game has grown into its own versions in says that some may consider to be idiosyncratic. However the reality is that the game remains very popular in all sectors of the casino audience.

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The objective of the game is always to create a favorable two hands. These are normally made of a combination of five and two. Once these cards come up with a better result than the one that the dealer presents, then the player wins. The player has to click on the chips to start betting on the cards that they have dealt. With some dexterity the player begins to arrange their sets of cards into a double structure and switching until they are matched into the pairs they want. It is important to remember that clicking on the card twice will have the effect of deselecting it. However there is no restriction as to how many times you can select and deselect a card by clicking on it.

Rather strict rules govern the dealing process. The dealer is in possession of seven cards which they will split into a doublet of sets although they will be arranged to face down. Usually the player will be allowed to arrange their own cards first. If they are online the player can then click to indicate that they are ready. The five set and then the two set cards are compared between the dealer and players. The successful bet is only successful when both cards are right. The tied hands are always decided in favor of the dealer to make things easier. If you are going to have to compare the hands to poker then you should use standard comparisons because they will be fairly accurate. The convention is that the joker will eventually turn into an ace unless the player is attempting to complete a straight.

The Process of Automatic Progressive Betting

This is achieved when the player clicks on the progressive results button and if they make a royal flush then it can be taken that they have won that game. The click also enables the player to contribute to the jackpot as well as having a chance of benefitting from it. If no bets have yet been completed when you click or no chips are available then the previous bet will be repeated but the contribution will be progressive.

The Methods of the Dealer

In the standard version of the game, the dealer arranges up to seven cards and then waits for the players to make their bets. Once they signal that they are ready, the dealer will then be able to reveal the principle hand. If someone has beaten the banker, they will then be able to start the process of claiming their winnings. The dealer will allow the players to arrange their own cards through clicking on them. The players can then rearrange the cards if they so wish as long as they are on the same identity as first created the arrangement in the first place. It is also important to note that the game is not played for money, say like poker and therefore the pressure to win is not too much.

Further Information on the Game

There is yet a further Americanized version of the game in the form of Pai Gow poker or double hand poker as the case may be. This American version of the game uses cards that have poker hand values rather than the Chinese dominos values. Sam Torosian and Fred Wolf decided to create this version. Once the game was introduced in the casinos, it gained international popularity. The dealer is beaten by creating a poker hand that is of a less value than the one that is being held by the dealer. Both the two-hander and five-hander have to win or else the banker takes it.

Idiosyncrasies of Pai Gow Poker

There is a ranking system among the Pai Gow Poker system and this ranking is dependent on the cards that you hold. The ranking will also determine whether you have hit an ace or not and applies across the various jurisdictions that play the game. It can be quite confusing for people who have just started playing the game but should become clearer as the time goes on. It is just another way of interpreting the value of the cards that you hold beyond their face value.

Some casinos will charge a nominal fee for the privilege of playing the game. In some quarters this is freely accepted as part of the game and running the casino. However some people complain that this is too much to pay especially when you consider that the original Chinese concept was not to play for money at all. Perhaps the Americanization of the game has to go up to the stage whereby it is fully commercialized. It could be the logical conclusion to any semblance of transformation that the game is said to enjoy.

The player has to ensure that they are watching the dealer so that they too are following the rules of the game. For example the dealer is only allowed to retain a certain amount of cards at particular junctures of the progression. If you do not enforce this rule, you will be giving them the liberty that is much wider than the one that you enjoy. It is also important to remember that the options for the player are virtually limitless in terms of how they arrange the hand and collect on it. It is therefore important to use all these privileges when the opportunity arises.

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