Online Video Poker – Complete Guide to Play Video Poker and List of best Casinos to practice for Free

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Online Video poker is definitely spellbinding and it is indeed a universal favorite and very easy to learn. Video poker which is also called as Draw poker permits which lets you to bet from $.25 – $5 per hand and the same depends on the machine as well as casino where you are playing. After depositing your money (normally $20 minimum), you can then choose your denomination that you want to bet on.

History of online poker

In the year 1975, when the fortune coin company based in Nevada altered the video bell slot machines in a draw Poker Game and that gained tremendous recognition and then there was no turning back and it has gone far ahead of the traditional draw poker game.

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Play Vidoe Poker for free

You might want to play for real money or want to enjoy the free gaming experience, all you have to do is click on the ‘Deal’ button for receiving the cards. The basic idea of the game is to get the cards of winning combinations, and you will surely not be let down as there are lots of winning combinations available.

You can keep on improvising your hand strength by getting rid of unwanted cards by clicking drop and holding the good ones by clicking hold. Once you click on “deal/draw” the same will get replaced by the new cards.

Online version of the video poker is the simplest game, so anyone can begin instantly and get a hang of it:

  • Insert the coin in the machine.
  • Click draw/deal.
  • After the card viewing you have the option of dropping or holding the cards.
  • Then click Deal/draw again.
  • Continue with the same process.
  • When you are done and made up your mind, you can click on “Credit” option or “Cash Out” option.

In online video poker gaming, you will sometimes get an option that if you win the hand you can double up your funds by playing the second round which is called as “Double Playoff Round”. It’s your call whether you want to go ahead with the double up round or collect your wins.

Many a times you are given an option to play double playoff in the online poker draw games and below are the options:

Suppose, if the cards are “face down”, and the machine flips one card, then in double playoff, you have to watch out for your next card that is flipped by the machine is higher or lower than the first one. In case, if it’s higher, you win with double money and if it’s lower, then you lose everything. And in rare cases, if the card turns out to be the same one, then it is a push position where no one wins or loses. Make sure that you click the “Double” option to make your double playoff round active.

Below are the winning combinations of your hand of some of famous Poker draw games-

  1. Kings or better – As the name suggests, king or something more than a King. So it’s the aces of course. So, you lose if it’s lower.
  2. Jacks or better – Again its jacks and higher to win the game.
  3. Two pairs – you have to make two pairs that have same card value.
  4. “Three of a kind” or “four of a kind” – Three cards of same value or four cards of same value.
  5. “Five of a kind” – Four of similar value with one wild card.
  6. Flush – five non sequined cards of same suit.
  7. Straight – five sequined cards but it shouldn’t be of similar suit.
  8. Royal Flush – Five sequined cards of same suit with the initial card bearing the number 10 and the final card being the Ace.
  9. Straight Flush – five sequined cards of similar suit.
  10. Wild Royal Flush – Same rules of winning like royal flush, just a wild card addition to it.

There are lots of web based casinos tying up the Progressive Jackpots to the Royal Flush hand or some other rare combinations so as to draw the player’s attention and lure them. If there is same scenario in your casino, and if you get the royal flush, you have a strong chance of making millions out of it.

Winning secrets and tricks in online video poker

  • The first winning secret is the selection of the best performing online casino for any game. If your decision making skills are correct, then you will never regret later as many casinos aren’t good enough and try to cheat their members during money withdrawals.
  • So, before putting in your hard earned money in any online casino, it would be better if you act wise. This difficult online casino selection task can be done in a snap if you check out the current online ratings made by the players of the online casino.
  • Once you are sure about the genuineness of the online casino and are sure that it perfectly matches up with your personal needs and requirements such as free gaming, cash bonus scheme, good customer support, and so on, you can be rest assured that your money is in safe hands. Now, pick one of the best performing video poker online games and look out for entertainment as well as the good payout factor so that you enjoy as well as earn.
  • One more essential factor is to have the perfect knowledge and tricks so that you have higher edge than the others.
  • The best way of having knowledge of the online game is to play it free rather than wasting your money. There are many websites that offer free gaming so relax and play free without shelling out a single penny from your pocket. Though, you do not gain in case of wins in free gaming, but you can surely hone your skills before completely indulging in the serious gaming.
  • It is a fact that video poker is completely a game of probability, but that won’t restrict you to increase your wins. If you see the traditional video poker game, then the odds of making a particular hand cannot be changed at all. But remember that all online video poker casino games are not the same. So, in addition to these tricks, the selection of the online video poker game is also equally imperative.
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