Online Slots – Complete Guide to Play Slots Online and List of best Casinos to practice for Free

Online SlotsEverybody who is into gambling have their favorites gaming likes. Well I guess Online Slots must top the favorite list of one and all that are into gambling. It’s very simple, easy and fun to play it. And the beauty of it is that you ought not to be a scientist to understand this, it is very simple and contagious. Well let’s learn a little more about online slots.

Slot Machine is referred as Online Pokies in Australia, have a look at free online pokies if you are from Australia.  Italian players use same term which is “Slot Machine” . Have a look at list of Italian Slot machine sitse from here.

Well when we are talking about online slots, let’s discuss about the variations that are there with this. Like for Example when you go to play slot games, there are lots of different types of online slots that are available to play. Different variations of online slots are available like for example if you are interested in some kind of cute variations, then you Aladdin and Jin slot and if you are more into hardcore action, then we have the Hitman too. There are so many variations, that we might just get confused as to what to choose from. The best thing about the online slot is that there is a lot relaxation when you indulge in it, you ought not to bother about the prize money, and you will be duly informed by the casino itself.

Well how about some fight? Till now we were used to play it against the Casino Sites, now how much fun would it be if we play it against our friends. Now that’s entertainment and excitement mixed together. Few things that you need to mull over when you playing with a human opponents.

  1. the first thing, in the fight is you need to see how are you faring, before you even indulge in spinning the wheel
  2. It is always a good idea to get a hang of this before hand; it will honestly help you in your game.
  3. You can also look at your opponents style of playing, you need to know how much to bet for. Should it be less or more, ideally you can learn it from the opponents. If he is going bust with high bets, then I guess we know the answer.

Slot machine Casino Bonus

Ideally, few of things that you need to do before playing is check the bonus. There must be a lot of good bonus slots that are available in the online games. If you are in receipt of good bonus, then well you can manage to keep the edge on the casino. If you are showered with luck, bonuses and promotions then you can never know you are eligible for being the favorite in the house. So ideally you should be aware of the latest happenings in the market if you are person who loves to play online games of gambling.

How to use strategies to play at online slots?

Well, the first impression that you get while you enter into a Casino is that it is full with online slots of different size, types and shapes. Ditto with online slots too, there are lots and lots of them in a casino. You will have different themes, profiles to select from in an online slot. The fact that graphics can be used quiet a lot in online version of the game, people have added lot of lines for Example straight , zigzag, cross etc.

Let’s discuss about different slots

  • Multi Line Slots:

Well as the name itself suggests, the number of lines have increased. In our initial days when we used to play slots there used to barely three pay lines, but as said earlier with the arrival of graphics the lines have also increased and that too in different manner. The only difference for every line that you want to bet on you will need to pay extra. And do not worry about missing out on following the screen, most of the online slots do offer a clear visible line though any combination, thereby making it easer for you to know about it.

  • Progressive slots

The slots which are progressive get connected to other progressive slots which in turn create a large jackpot progressive pool. You hit the jackpot when the rarest of the combination comes up on the screen. The only thing that you need to remember when you play for progressive slot is that you need to play the highest amount of coins, in order to qualify. Else qualifying becomes a task.

  • Bonus Slots

The last of the slots is the bonus slots. Well in this type of online slot, you are playing a game within a game. In layman terms, there could be others games too inside of a single game which you can win some payoffs. This will be treated as a bonus and you are eligible to earn more money. The level of fun and excitement are very high in this form of online slots.

So by now, we almost have a small overview about the online slots, trust me it is very contagious game and you will be glued to it.

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