Online Roulette – Complete Guide to Play Roulette Online and List of best Casinos to practice for Free

online roulettePlaying games is what everyone loves and there is no age hindrance, no barriers to that. People rich or poor, old or young love their own set of games. One game which is catching the fancy of one and all is Online  Roulette. Gambling is fun for most people, but Online Roulette is popular amongst people who are not regular gamblers.

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The beauty of the game is that it is catching attention of one and all, and the thrill and the joy of winning it can’t be felt with any other game. Infact the simplest fact is that Online Roulette is one of the easiest games that can be played and enjoyed too. Apart from playing, also the fact that it is very easy to find online Roulette table. Another very important that you need to keep in mind while beginning to play online Roulette is that, you do not need to spend money if you are not sure of how to play the game. There a quiet a few free online Roulette games which are available, you should try playing that first and getting a hang of it. And these games are available at most of the online casinos.

The game is very simple and easy to understand, all you have is table centered on which will be the wheel and the ball. In Roulette all the players needs to do is gamble either the number or the color on which the ball which has been put to spin will land up to. The minimum and the maximum bet can differ quiet a bit; hence it is important for a player to make a note of this. Online Casino Sites is the perfect site, which offers the players with quiet a lot of online roulette sites. But before we get into those details, let us read on how to play online Roulette.

As we said earlier, Roulette is a fairly simple game with not a lot of effort required from the players end. All the player need to do is spin the ball and bet on the color or the number where the ball will end up. You can also try combination of two or three things. So you see that is quiet an easy thing to do. But that’s not about it, the one thing as a player you would be interested is the payouts. How much will it be, how it goes about. Well in Online Roulette the payouts are completely dependent on the bets that you have placed in the game. And as said earlier you can bet quiet a lot in the gambling game of Online Roulette.

Let’s take an example, when you decided to play Roulette you can ideally gamble for the numbers, or the colors or the rows or columns. The numbers could be even or odd, color could be red or black and it could be rows. You would get minimum money if you just that the number would be odd, but your payout will increase when you bet on an even number with color red. So as specific the bets keep becoming, your earnings will increase. Ideally we would suggest that you start playing with the free online games that are available, that will help you get the hang of the games.

Well there are certain rules while playing online Roulette.

Small synopsis of different rules and their payouts which are available while playing the game.

  • Single: in this time of betting, you can just bet on one single number. The payoff is at 35 to 1.
  • Split: in this form of betting, you gamble on two numbers and you place your bet available lines between them. The pay off here is 17:1
  • Trio: As the name itself suggest, it is gambling on three different numbers at a joint, the pay off is higher and is 11:1
  • Corner: Here you place your bet on four different numbers on a common point of joining, the pay off increases here and is 8:1
  • Four Numbers: Like corner, here too you will place your bet on four different numbers at the joint of 0 and number 3. The Payoff is similar to corner at 8:1
  • Street: here you bet on row of three different numbers, and you place your bet ideally at the end of the row. The Payoff here is 11:1

These are the few of them, they are many more types of bets on online Roulette like the Dozen, the column, the High or low, Red or black and odd or even. As the combinations keeps getting difficult and difficult the payoffs keep increasing.

The strategies involved in Online Roulette

There are two formats of online Roulette that are available in the market, The European and the American one. When you have decided to play, the one thing that you need to notice is the difference between the American and the European one. Ideally, if given an option one should always choose the European wheel this is because the American wheel has an additional slot which mentions “00”.The European Wheel is devoid of “00”.it is very simple isn’t it, with the presence of extra slot the chances of winning in an American Wheel reduces and the chances of winning in a European wheel is higher.

Tips while playing Online Roulette:

The most important thing or a tip that you need to keep in mind while you going to indulge yourself in the game of Online Roulette is that, Roulette when played on a full ad busy table is more advantageous than playing on a game which has less crowd. The main thing is that the chances of getting a spin in an hour are very high and sometimes you can get a spin up to 30 times. The money you are putting in the game will be exposed for a lesser amount of time too.

Do not fall for stories which will assure you a guaranteed win, till now there has been no system that has made available that will guarantee a win. So play, have fun and win some big time money.

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