Online Keno – Complete Guide to Play Keno and List of best Casinos to practice for Free

The online keno is a web based casino games that can be enjoyed to the maximum.  If you have the knowledge of the live casino keno, then you will surely find online version a better deal as it is simpler and faster mode of gaming. If you are a video keno lover, then the online keno version is simply undistinguishable.
Variants of Web based Keno

  • Flash Keno :  The biggest benefit of playing the Flash Keno game is that your maximum amount of time is saved as you do not have to download the game on computer.  Definitely the online Keno has better speed, but Flash version is also very much advanced and fast.   The best part is that you don’t have to deposit anything for playing the Flash Keno game.
  • Video Keno : Video keno is similar to the online casino game and the sopped and accuracy is also excellent. You also enjoy similar odds just like the live casino Keno game.
  • Online Keno : At the comforts of your house, you can begin playing keno anytime right in front of your computer.  You enjoy faster amount of game speed and just in a matter of few seconds you will see that you have already finished one round of Keno.

Types of Keno wagers :

  • Keno way bets : There is a superiority factor in this bet and most of the gamers opt for this type of wager. With the help of way wagers, you can also make a number group of sets on a single ticket and the same will assist you in playing more than a single set of the numbers.
  • Five Spot tickets : In this kind of wager, a group of 3 numbers are played with total of five spots.
  • Straight bets : All you have to do is select numbers that you desire to play and see whether these numbers are rolling out or not.  In this game you can really play up to 15 numbers and that’s really a good one.
  • Combination Bets : In this there are 3 sets of numbers where a single set has two numbers.  Sets of number are basically interlinked with search other in combination bets.

Keno tips

  • Choose the numbers wisely : All you have to do is pick up the right numbers.  After which the game software will catch the numbers and the same will result in payout for you.  So, your main focus should be on how many numbers having to be picked.  If you pick more numbers, the more your potential payout would be and you will also have to catch more numbers in that case.  Basically there is no computer memory at all so there won’t be any kind of pros and cons of picking similar number again and again for each and every game.
  • Try picking more than a single spot, when you are choosing the numbers.  Your winning probabilities will differ with number of spots that are picked by you.  It has been true in most of the cases that in case, if you pick up only one spot, the same will offer worst odds, so make it a point to pick up at least 2 when your are playing Keno.
  • Remember more numbers cannot be always a better deal : It’s a fact that in case you pick all 15 numbers, and then hit on them, you are likely to receive exorbitant payouts.  But, it is a hard fact that the same has never happened in the entire history of Keno.  Basically, you need to pick the number of the spots on the basis of winning probabilities.  The lowest house advantage generally comes by picking 3 and 9 numbers. But, the same depends on website to website.  If you are able to access pay table and distribution of the house odds, then you need to utilize the same for determining the numbers you should play.
  • Use your brains when you are playing Keno : It might take too much time to get access to the bankroll when you are playing the live keno game.  In no time your game will get over and the next game will begin.  As online keno is very fast as compared to the live keno, you are quite likely to get very much carried away. There are many people who play as many as ten games at one go and this means that you can play hundreds of keno games in just a few minutes.  Therefore, you need to slow down your speed and play at your own pace.  Always make it a point that you do not exceed the online Keno bankroll at any cost. If you spread out the games, your bankroll will also last for a longer time even when you do not hit the numbers early.  Also, when you begin hitting, never be in a hurry as you need to know that things will get evened out in the end.
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