Online Craps – Complete Guide to Play Craps Online and List of best Casinos to practice for Free

What is Online craps? Online Craps is a complete dice game and is one of the best bets that are played in the casino. For a beginner who loves playing craps, this comes across a little too frightening and intimidating. If you look at the table, you will notice a hundred and thousands of bet, there would be players who would be screaming command after command and honestly the pace of the game can be too fast. But don’t worry this is only for the beginners it appears like that, for anybody else who had played it time and again, this is one of the most addictive game in a casino.

The very first bet or the most basic bet that every player generally make are “pass line “bet. Well this is the first bet that any beginner will play for the best time, later on as you start getting quiet pro in the game you will find a plethora of bets on the platter. Once you are too much into the game, it will be very difficult for anyone to differentiate between you and the other crap players who have been playing crap for years.

A crap game is a little different from other games, as there is a lot of yelling and screaming that happens amongst the players. It is not a quiet mental game, it is pulsating and sometimes the sound can be baffling. The best part about this game is that the players are the ones who get to roll the dice, so in a simple way they are ones who decide whether they are losing or having a ball. Unlike in other games, where somebody else is doing it for you, in the game of craps you are the one who decides your own luck or fate.

Simple rules of the game

  • You are the one who is allowed or have to roll the dice.
  • In the game of craps you keep playing rounds after rounds.

There are tons and tons of bets that you can play, and honestly you will have to read manual after manual to get through the number of bets. Let’s go through few of the bets in details as these are the ones which are very frequently played in the game of craps.

Let’s know what is “pass line “bet

This bet is where you start playing your crap game. If you interested in playing crap, then this is one bet that you need to understand so that you can play further. The pass line is where the bet is usually put on and the come out roll. If you spot a black colored laminated marker, then you can say that roll out that has come is “off”. And in case if the dice you have thrown comes out as 7 or 11, in that case there are chances that you might win money. And if the dice throws out 2, 12, or 3, then it is like you have lost the game. And anything beyond these numbers that is 7, 11, 2, 12 or 3 is called a point. The dealer will then turn the marker from the “off” position to the “on “position that is from black to white position. Then the marker is placed on the table, where the point is, this is done so that the player can remember which his point was. Then the shooter has the chance to roll the dice and plays till the point where the number (point) will come or seven comes. In case if the number or the point comes first then you have a chance to roll and earn money. But in case if 7 appear before the point you have received then you stand a chance to loose money.

Once the come our roll has been produced, do not place a bet on the same. It is not that it is not allowed but not advised because there are chances that the value of the bet will reduce after the roll has come.

“Do not pass” bet

In craps, another bet is called as the do not pass bet. As the name itself suggests it is just a reverse of the pass line bet. In this bet of craps, if your roll shows 3 or 2 then it means that you have won the game and on the other hand if you have 7 or an 11 you lose the game, it is completely opposite to the pass line bets in terms of the roll throw that comes and its significance. The number 12 is considered to be a push. Otherwise the dice is rolled and rolled till you either come across the point or you come across number 7. If number 7 comes first, then you have hit a jackpot and won the game, but if the point comes first, then you have lost it all.  So in terms of understanding a person who has gone for the “do not pass” bet, is considered to be a wrong bettor. Because he is winning when everybody else is loosing and loosing when everybody else is winning. So pieces of advice to people who go for this bet, that do not let anyone know that you have gone for this bet. Instead keep quiet and play the game naturally, as it will not be of everybody’s convenience that when they are loosing you scream and shout happily.

So in short you see that craps is probably one of the very interesting games to be played in a casino.

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