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Baccarat is an elegant game that has rich history. Although it is very popular among the Asian population, its acceptability goes beyond that ethnic group. The relative simplicity of the rules means that it is able to attract new fans on a very regular basis and is one of those gambling games that are unlikely to fall out of fashion soon.

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Baccarat Strategy and Tips for Playing

    1. Eight decks of cards make up the suite for the standard baccarat game. Essentially you are able to beat the banker by having a card value that is less than his or hers. Have a look at the list of online casino sites where you can play Baccarat for real money. We recommend Party Casino, use Party Casino Bonus Code 500CAS to claim your sign up bonus when you register to play Baccarat.
    2. The Banker’s hand, tie and player’s hand are the three major options that are open to baccarat players. All types of hands come with an almost identical house bet edge and therefore will not have drastically different winnings.
    3. Ties are rarely experienced in baccarat. If that was to happen in any case, the players would each receive their initial bets. It must be pointed out that should any player decide to bet on a tie, the likelihood is that the money will be lost all around.
    4. The payout rates on betting on a tie mean that the casino feels entitled to levy a surcharge of fourteen percent of winnings of someone is betting this way.
    5. 1.09% is taken to be the house edge in most baccarat games. Some casinos may opt to add an additional five percent surcharge. Despite all these charges, if the player bets on the banker’s hand, the chances of winning something are significant.
    6. The players had has a house hedge of about 1.24%. This means that the upshot payment is just about that figure in terms of the percentage of winnings that has to be paid back to the house.
    7. The outcomes for baccarat are not set in stone and they can vary depending with the luck of the player at the time. That is why it is said that the game is a game of chance.
    8. Like any other game of gambling it is imperative that the player takes the time to understand the very basic rules and conventions of the game in order not to make schoolboy errors.
    9. You need to watch the number of cards that the dealer burns as this could prove crucial at a later stage.
    10. There is a specific staggered pattern of receiving cards between the players and the dealers. Some versions of the game may alter this style slightly to take account of local conventions.
    11. The counting system in baccarat in as much you only take the last digit of the cards rather than the whole total.
    12. Natural hands arise when the dealer has a nine or thereabouts. The end result is that on that occasion the dealer to win the game.
    13. A natural eight sequence can only be defeated by a natural nine sequence.
    14. Where the card total is less than six or seven, the player is stronger advised to draw.
    15. 0 to 2 is normally the rate which the banker draws. In certain circumstances the banker can draw up to eight sets.
    16. The banker is allowed to draw on eights depending on the stage at which you are playing.
    17. The banker total always comes up to seven.

History of Online Baccarat

The game of baccarat is quite old compared with other modern forms of entertainment. It became quite popular with Asian players and high rollers. The elegance of the game has made it a great haunt of those who consider themselves to be cultured. On the other hand the simplicity of operation means that virtually anyone can get involved without too much embarrassment.

The game was played on a snooty apparition that included rope-like contraptions. There was an unwritten rule that required players to maintain a certain level of sartorial elegance. The small table will have up to three dealers. The player numbers can range between twelve and fourteen depending on the tradition that is being used for that particular game. The bets are fairly liberal but it is customary to bet against the banker unless there is a specific reason for doing otherwise.

The Process of Playing Baccarat

Dealing means that the game is moving round the table at an almost constant rate. Where one player feels that they are unable to participate on this occasion they are allowed to pass on their turn. If the banker happens to go on a winning streak, the player will not be changed until this streak terminates. In order to deal, the player has to place a doublet of cards facing down. These are sometimes put underneath the shoes which creates a dramatic effect on those around. The dealer then calls out the numbers that he has a decision is made as to who has won. The deference to the dealer is to ensure that there is someone who takes charge of the game. However at no point do the players take responsibility for other people’s wagers unless it is by prior agreement and within the acceptable norms of the game.

There are other variations of the game such as the mini baccarat. This type of game has very similar conventions and odds as the mainstream game. Its popularity is around the simplicity of the transitions such that there can be an opportunity switching between sessions. This creates the impression among the players that the game is moving rather faster than normal. This is useful for people who take gambling like an entertainment pastime rather than a slow paced retirement activity.


The beauty of baccarat is that it makes it relatively easy for the players unlike some other gambling games that can be quite a challenge to master. As long as the player understands the basic conventions of the version they are playing, the possibilities of error are very much limited to the rare occasion. As a starting point the merits of the game can be summarized in very simple terms that make sense to the layman.

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