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The name Titan casino evokes images of power or tragedy depending on the types of films that you have been watching of late. The casino itself is the bye word for efficiency and effortless elegance. Nothing is pushed about the Titan casino. You get the feeling that they have been doing their thing for a very long time and will continue to do so regardless of what is happening in the industry. The casino has an element of consistency and dependability that has to be reassuring to the common gambling groups.

When you first visit their website, you will immediately become aware of the charm and class that they bring to the industry. If you are into this sort of thing then you will find that there is exclusivity about the whole arrangement which makes you feel like a million dollars. Of course some people do not like this sort of thing but I find it a real hoot and would pay top dollar to visit the Titan casino. There is nothing tacky about the scale of their operations or the detail which they purport to encompass in all their operations.

Their great games selection is presented in a three dimensional circlet which spins on different speed levels depending on where the mouse is held by you. Those who like playing with gadgets will enjoy this feature because it is just designed with them in mind. Those who reviewed the spinning technology were impressed with it for a while.

They reported that later on it became something of an irritant and made some of them feel queasy. Perhaps that is a consideration that the company needs to make in terms of allowing the users to switch the facility on and off depending on how they feel at the time. I for one know that I would be very disinclined to play on a gambling machine if I felt queasy whenever I looked at that machine. The last thing they want is to begin losing potential customers in this way.

The company uses the famous Playtech suite which has provided viewing pleasure to millions of gambling fans across the globe. The technology allows the casino to deliver quite complex services but in a manner that is consistent and secure. That is after all the unique selling point of Playtech whenever it appears on the scene.

Feeling the House

You can start playing up to a hundred games at a time when you download the casino software to your drives. Fortunately for some the website has not yet attached a download clause to its terms and conditions. This allows for the customers to get the software and then play at their leisure depending on what their particular tastes are.  What is truly astonishing about the Titan casino is the variety of games that it brings to its users. Nothing is too obscure to be beyond its reach and once you become a customer you will be guaranteed a rich variety of games for your pleasure.

Their list of progressive games encompasses firm favorites such as Rally Gold and Beach Life. All these great games offer incredible prize schemes. For example the live games allow you to play against live dealers. You can interact with them and hold virtual conversations. This is as surreal as it is interesting for the gambling fan. Moreover the casino has an impressive list of arcade games.

Titan Poker

Although the Titan casino is a recent addition to the gambling industry, it was already preceded by Titan poker which held sway for a significant period of time. The methods that were used in the poker game have been imported into the main gambling business. For example the secure encryption that was used to transport data has remained within the reach of the new Titan casino whereas the techniques were developed in the poker days.

The famous 6 Redeposit Bonus Deal

No matter how long you have played at the casino you can still work towards your pending bonus. New entrants get a 100% bonus up to $/€200. Those who withdraw at this time are well within their rights and the Titan casino will not bother them about it. However those who proceed can take advantage of the various re deposit bonuses on offer. The following next six months you can earn up to 100% on a €/$ 200 bonus per month. The next stage is the 100% up to €/$ 100 every week for 26 weeks. The total value of the bonus comes up to €4,000. I cannot commend the Titan casino enough. It has been a wonderful addition to the industry and has brought with it a fresh perspective on the business of running a gambling site.