World Rugby cup promos at Intercasino

Intercasino gets ready for the Rugby World Cup

InterCasino has been organizing promotional offers for world Rugby cup that shall be held at New Zealand. The online casino has been organizing its promotional offer from September 29th 2011.

The promotional offer is in the form of lucky draw so even if you participate in the event presently you can expect to win your lucky tickets for the event.

If you are looking forward to participa Continue reading World Rugby cup promos at Intercasino


Being one of the establishment casinos gives the inter casino a distinct advantage in an industry where the owners have to have a specific skills set in order to manage the business effectively. It commenced operations in 1996. Given the fickle nature of the cyber industry this is quite a significant amount of time to be operating successful. The casino is based on the Water Logic software suite which is a bye word for efficiency. One of the pioneering aspects of the inter casino is that it was one of the first to play Real Online casino. Therefore the company has been a key supporter of the internet revolution in as far as it relates to the gambling industry. In general terms this also shows that the inter casino is quite capable of adapting to changes in the industry and is not stuck with the old models that can become outdated. In my view this boards well for its development prospects and its ability to remain at the top of the game for a long time in the future.

The awards that it has received pay tribute to the tenacity of the inter casino. It shows that the industry as a whole recognizes the quality of services that are available from the inter casino. Awards make more sense if they are voted on by either the public who use the service or the peers who know about the service. A case in point is the Top Online Casino which the inter casino received on four consecutive occasions through the voting mechanism of the readers of the Gambling Online Magazine. In 2004 the inter casino was duly inaugurated into the auspicious Hall of Fame. This level of award and recognition indicates the extent to which the whole industry and the paying public hold the inter casino in high esteem. These awards are not to be sniffed at because they are capable of increasing traffic to the site in a significant way. It is no wonder that such awards are coveted within the industry and great campaigns are launched for the specific purpose of winning them. The fact that the inter casino has been able to dominate an award for four years just shows how much effort has gone into making the company a worthwhile recipient.

Availability of the games

There are wonderful slots that are available for King and Thor at the inter casino. This has improved the likeability of the products that the inter casino is able to offer to the public. There is a wide variety of games that the punters can participate in and the restrictions are not so prohibitive as to prevent people from getting involved. The customer service is of an exemplary standard and is well admired in the industry as a whole. Apart from the peripheral issues of the types of customer service initiatives on offer, the game selection is quite attractive. For example they have close to two hundred quality casino games that run on various platforms such roulette and blackjack. There are impressive video slots such as the Hulk and King Kong. If you are into free spins then the inter casino will be able to cater to your needs. Moreover there are standard progressive games and scratch card offers in addition to the video poker games that form the back bone of the service list.

There is a monthly match deposit bonus that is available to all customers who use the casino. It must be said that the inter casino is the online one which offers a monthly value bonus of up to ninety dollars on a very consistent basis. There are bonuses for placing a bet at the inter casino whether you win or lose. When these bonuses accumulate you will get the dollar value into your account. The current system is based on a credit per wager and one dollar per a hundred credits. That means that people are encouraged to play at the inter casino.

There is a real time chat that is available to the inter casino customers. This adds to the interactivity of the casino experience which is so crucial to attracting and retaining customers on a consistent basis. The casino uses the eCash to ensure the safety of all financial transactions. There total transaction total runs into eleven billion dollars since their inception. It is not surprising that the inter casino is highly recommended by the online casino review facility. The management at the casino has to be commended for making good customer service a priority for the whole organization. Some casinos can concentrate on the bottom line and ignore the essential facets of customers care while others view their profits as the overriding consideration. With the inter casino the customer gets an efficient service but also the owners have an effective business model.