Casino Coin Network Announce A Stop To New Members

New Members Banned From Signing up to Casino Coin Network

Strange but true. All casinos in the Casino Coin Network have stopped accepting new players from May 16th, 2011.

Players who already have active casino account can keep on gambling, but no new players are accepted.

The Casino Coin Network is having several well-known online casinos that offered a warm welcome to US online gamblers. From May 16th, these casinos don’t offer any warm welcome to any new online gambler.

10% Cash-Back on Swiss Casino Games Carnival. Swiss Casino is sweetening the deal with 10% cash-back promotion called the “Games Carnival”.

The cash-back deal starts from Sunday, May 15 till May 24 with new featured game subject to the cash-back terms and conditions. Continue reading Casino Coin Network Announce A Stop To New Members

Enjoy Casino games and Quickfire Slots at 888 Casino

Play 888 Casino Quickfire Slots Games Now

The moment you enjoy your game play at 888 Casino then it is certain that you get to view and play a number of new games. The game website has also updated its game base with some of the best online casino games.

When playing here it is certain that you can enjoy a number of games that are new and latest updates that are developed by Microgaming software.

Apart from this the deve Continue reading Enjoy Casino games and Quickfire Slots at 888 Casino

3D Online Casino – Live Casino

Live Online 3D Casinos

The online casino venture now a big step forward with the first 3D online casinos – a new dimension to the online casino industry. Is the idea of a 3D-casinos have been around for several years and was the subject of many players dream. These players dreams are now reality.

The reaction on the new authentic 3D casinos is exciting. The new three dimensional Casino allows players with a blackjack, Continue reading 3D Online Casino – Live Casino

Kinkymummu84 wins her second jackpot at

‘Kinkymummu84’ wins her second jackpot at

A few months ago, a woman using the alias ‘kinkymumm84’ won half of the £8,888 jackpot at, adding a nice £4,444 to her bankroll. For those of you reading the news from the other side of the Atlantic, £4,444 is about $6,565 888casino.

Now, the fortunate ‘kinkymumm84’ has won her second jackpot from and this time she pocket the whole prize – £8,888 which is over $13,000. Her total jackpot earnings from 888la Continue reading Kinkymummu84 wins her second jackpot at

888 Casino

888  Casino £800 Welcome Bonus

The casino 888 has become one of the iconic fixtures within the gambling industry. It is one of the largest casinos that the industry has ever produced and is well known in most gambling circles. Even people who are relatively new to the industry will know about the 888 casino. The casino was launched in 1997. This makes it one of the older generations of casinos in an industry that is very fickle about time and age. The casino has evolved into one of the most visible and reliable online gambling establishments. They are particularly famous for their 100% Free Bonus which leads to a $200 return on the initial deposit. Furthermore casino 888 customers can take advantage of the Gambling Plane scheme which will include a $22 to enable new players to participate in the games that have been laid out for them.

Gambling Excellence

Those who have used the 888 casino website will testify to its concentration on customer care issues. They know what the customers need for entertainment and they make sure that they get it with abundance. To the gambling site, there can be no distinction between their operations and the needs of the customers. The two matters are of equal importance and if you were really analyzing the trends you would give the edge to the customer service. This attention to customers has paid off in terms of retention and acquisition figures. The reviewers regularly recommend the 888 casino as a good starting point for exploring the industry as a whole. These kinds of recommendations speak for themselves and have been crucial in developing the formidable reputation that the casino enjoys.

When we move on to the technological aspects of the 888 casino, we can see the effort that they have made with the visual presentation. Furthermore the audio features at are effective yet not tasteless. This is a fine balance that has defeated many casinos. You tend to get the feeling that with the 888 casino you are going to experience a restrained but enjoyable gambling adventure. I particularly like the onscreen live casino feature because it enables the user to imagine that they are playing in a real casino. The emphasis on easy-to-use software is commendable because it reduces the possibility of software glitches and user bottlenecks. Customers report that they find their games to be responsive and fast. This adds to the user experiences and sharply contrasts with some other gambling establishments. Long delays are virtually unknown at the 888 casino.
Delivering a Qualitative Service

There is a wide selection of popular games including but not limited to: Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Slots, Pai Gow Poker and Baccarat. There has been a negative in as much as the 888 casino tends not to include the smaller games. This is perhaps because the website has fewer games than some of its competitors who can run up to 200 games. It seems that the emphasis for the 888 casino has been the major recognizable games which can build its reputation for excellence. I have to comment that this is a downer for those customers who wish to experience the intricacy of the less known games.

Bonus Structures

The 888 casino has taken a very aggressive approach to market research in order to deliver the most lucrative bonuses to their clients. There is a great deal that is brought to you in conjunction with our site. This $22 is added to the original deposit thus having the effect of giving the user more money to play with in effect. In addition the 100% bonus match has been known to yield $200 for the clients. It is not surprising that new customers are particularly complimentary about this bonus feature.

Making Thing Easy for the Customers

Under the standard rules at the 888 casino, comp points will accumulate automatically rather than having to update them manually. The casino has paid particular attention to its payment methods to ensure that the winning customers can access their funds as quickly as possible. The international gambling community is represented by the nineteen languages at the 888 casino. Furthermore the company offers downloadable and non-downloadable versions of their software thus giving the customers even more choice.  I was impressed by the availability of 24/7 support at the 888 casino. It must be said that online care has taken forward steps since the problems of 2007. To me it is not surprising that the payout percentage at the 888 casino is normally above 97%. Price Water Coopers can verify these payout figures.


Here is a casino that has understood the importance of giving excellent services to its customers. As a consequence they have built themselves a wonderful reputation and ensured that they are likely to remain dominant in the industry for a very long time.