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There are plenty of roulette rules and you do not have to learn all of them. However you need to have the basic gist of what they entail so that you do not make unnecessary losses or offend the people you are playing with. Some people might think that the roulette rules are outdated and just stop the flow of the game. I would argue that these rules are the ones that are responsible for maintaining order within a game that has the potential to become rough and ready.
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Understanding the fundamentals of the game is one of the key features of the roulette rules. The fundamentals are not too onerous if you take the time to apply yourself with some direction. The rules tend to remain constant whether you are playing in an offline setting or whether you are playing on the internet. Certainly the principles will not change although there might be some tweaking to make the game fit the particular scenario that is presented. The factors of money significantly increase the need for players to be disciplined and to follow the basic instructions of the croupier.

The Standard List

  1. The roulette rules indicate that you are not expected to be competing with the other players. Rather you are trying to get an advantage from the house. If you start behaving as if you are in direct competition with the other people at the table they might start to look at you in puzzlement. This does not mean that you share your personal strategies with all and sundry. Rather it means that you avoid direct confrontation with other member of the gambling party.
  2. When you buy your chips, they will be color coordinated and you have to ensure that you follow the protocols for using those colors. Do not get someone else’s chips and pass them off as your own. If you happen to win on those chips you might end up in the contract arbitration process in order to settle who the winner is. Keep your chips safe and keep away from other players’ chips. When you win, you can cash your own chips in your colors.
  3. When the ball lands on a zero you can have the option of either putting it back into play or waiting for the next turn. This is what is termed as being “en prison”, a French word that roughly translates that you are in prison. This is very similar to the “la partage” rule which roughly translates into the share rule. This happens when you land on a zero after using the outside bets system. Make your decision quite clear to the croupier instead of complaining when the time has passed.
  4. The croupier will be guiding you as to when the bets are open and when they are closed. Under the roulette rules you should avoid disobeying the instructions of the croupier or else you might find yourself on the doorstep.