Understand Baccarat Techniques to Enjoy the Game

Understand Baccarat Techniques to Enjoy the Game

Baccarat it a fantastic game of casino and is so much liked that it is found in almost all the casinos. Baccarat is played with 6 to 8 deck of cards kept in a box called shoe. It is an easy game to learn and to have lots of fun. Baccarat is also available on almost all the online casinos where you can easily learn baccarat.

The game

Casinos have a lot of games like black jack, poker etc. baccarat is one the most liked game of casino started in Europe and now played everywhere in every casino. Baccarat is played with 6 to 8 deck of cards. Each player is dealt with two cards each including the banker. Before the dealer deals the cards to the players, the bet is placed by every player. The bet could be on player, banker or for a tie. As the bet is placed and dealer deals the card two cards each the game starts. If the value of the cards is 8 or 9 which is natural you win but having the value of 6 or 7 let you stand on the table without withdrawing any card, the value 5 or less makes you draw the 3rd card from the shoe. Shoe is the box where all the decks are kept and the game continues so on.


As every game in casino has tables so the baccarat has. There are two types of tables used in the game baccarat. One is mini table and other one is traditional baccarat table. Traditional baccarat table is for the people who are pro in the casino gaming, specially the baccarat. But for the beginners mini table is the best option to start with, here the bets are low and the number of players are less. Mini table is also played with the same objective only the labels and designs are different on the mini table.


Baccarat has 4 types of games that can be played; all the games have similar objectives. The 4 types of baccarats are- Chemin de Fer, European baccarat, American baccarat and the 4th one is Baccarat Banque. All the 4 type of the games are played the same way with little difference. The game were named at different places like Chemin de Fer was named in France, American baccarat was named in America and is the mix of European and Chemin de Fer.

Bets in baccarats

Baccarat game is played in casino so on must bet before playing the game. Player has to bet before the deal is made by the dealer. This could be of 3 types, one of them is to bet for the player, other is to bet for the banker and the 3rd is to bet for a tie. The best bet for the beginners is to bet for the banker as they get 5% commission for it.

Bets are like as given below-

Banker: 1- 1 (5% commission to the house)

Player: 1 -1

Tie: 8 -1

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