Know Different Types of Baccarat Game

Know Different Types of Baccarat Game

Casinos are the place where you can enjoy the game with a chance to win but it requires a dress code and may be you don’t have casino in your town. Online playing will certainly help you to have the fun of casino as well as to get a chance to win certain amount of money. Online playing will make you learn the game also. Once you know the benefits of the casino games online, you would love to play online every time. Online games that are most popular in the world of casino are poker, black jack, baccarat etc.


Baccarat is one of the most liked games in casinos and is played by 8 to 12 players and 2 to 3 dealers. The baccarat is of 4 types and they are:-

  1. Chemin De Fer
  2. European Baccarat
  3. American Baccarat
  4. Baccarat Banque

Baccarat is played with 8 to 10 decks of card and all the cards are kept in a box called “shoe”. Objective of the game is to get close to 9.


All the cards have been assigned different values and one must know the values of the cards before playing baccarat. All the numbered cards have their face value, ace is assigned with the value 1 and jack, queen, and king had been assigned the value 0, even 10 has a value of 0. If the total value is 10 or it exceeds 10 then, 10 are subtracted from the value. For example, you get a total value 14 then 10 is subtracted from 14 and result is 4.

Objective of baccarat

Every game is played with an objective that leads to victory. Just like all the other games baccarat has an objective and that is to get as close as possible to 9. 9 is the maximum value that can be achieved in baccarat. If you get 8 or 9 then you win and 8 and 9 value is called naturals. If 6 and 7 are scored then, the player stands on the table without taking out the 3rd card. Now if the value is 5 or less than 5 then the player has to withdraw the 3rd card.

Beginners tip

For a beginner it is most important to play on the mini table as it has low bets and lesser player to play with. Try to keep your bet as low as possible, so that you can afford the loss made in the game. Always make your bet on the banker it has 5 % commission on the bet. Never try to bet on a tie, it gives huge amount but chance to win for a tie are next to nil.


Every player creates a strategy for playing if not so then player must create a strategy to win the game. No matters if the strategy does not work in the beginning one must stick to the strategy. Losing hope is not a good sign; try to stick to the strategy you are most familiar with and try to have control over the game and your mind.

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