Different Types of Baccarat Involves Different Types of Betting Method

Different Types of Baccarat Involves Different Types of Betting Method

Baccarat is a very fascinating game of casino. This game is so much liked by the people that it is nowadays found in almost every casinos.6 to 8 deck of cards are used to play baccarat all the deck of cards are kept in a box known as shoe. Baccarat is very simple to learn. All the online casinos offer you to play baccarat. They even teach you the game.


Games like black jack, poker, baccarat etc. are played by many people in casinos. One the most liked game of casino is baccarat that had started in Europe and is now played in every casino. 6 to 8 decks of cards are used in baccarat. Two cards are dealt to each player inclusive of the banker. Bet has to be placed before the dealer deals with the cards. Bets are placed on the player, banker, and for a tie. After the bets are placed by every player and the dealers deals the cards then the game starts and on the bases of value of the cards, winner is decided. 8 or 9 value makes the player winner, winning by 8 or 9 is natural but with the value of 6 or 7 you stand the table, value 5 or less makes you stand the table after taking the 3rd card. All the decks are kept in shoe.

Tables’ types

Just like other games of casino baccarat is also played on a table. Baccarat has two types of table on which players decide to play. The 2 tables are mini baccarat table and the traditional baccarat table. Traditional baccarat table is used by people who have excelled the game of baccarat. Mini baccarat table is preferred by the players with low knowledge of baccarat; here on this table bets are low with low number of players in the game. Mini baccarat table also has the same objective but size is smaller.

Types of baccarat

4 types of baccarat games are there that can be played in the casino; all the types are played with the same objectives to get close to 9. The 4 types are as followed: –

  1. Chemin de Fer,
  2. European baccarat,
  3. American baccarat
  4. Baccarat Banque.

All the types of baccarat are played in the same manner. The games are from different places as Chemin de Fer of France, American baccarat of America and it is the mix of European baccarat and Chemin de Fer.

Bets in baccarats

Bets in baccarat are placed before the cards are dealt by the dealer. Bets in baccarat game are of 3 types they are as follow: –

  1. Bet for the player
  2. Bet for the banker ( bet on the banker give up to 5 % commission on the house edge )
  3. Bet on a tie

For a beginner it is better to bet on the banker as there are 5 % commission on the house edge. One should never make bets on a tie. Many beginners’ place bets on a tie as huge amount of profit could be made.

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