American Baccarat Mixture of European Baccarat and Chemin De Fer

American Baccarat Mixture of European Baccarat and Chemin De Fer

Baccarat is a casino game which was played in Europe around 15th century. Later the modified baccarat was named Chemin de Fer and it was liked by every casino lover and was played in every casino. Then it moved to the land of America where it as known as American baccarat and was liked by everyone. American baccarat is a mixture of European baccarat and chemin de Fer. In America this game was imported from Havana by Tommy Renzoni and the game was introduced in Nevada casino in 1950s. Baccarat is also related to n old Etruscan myth and it is believed that the game was originated from the myth. Myth says; a virgin had to toss a dice of 9 sides which decides the destiny of the virgin. 8 or 9 results in becoming a priest, if 6 or 7 comes she can’t practice any religious activities, if 5 or less comes then she had to walk in the sea.


It is very important to know your cards before you start playing any card game in casinos. Baccarat casino game uses 6 to 8 deck of cards and the values are assigned to cards accordingly. It is good to keep the number of decks low to increase the chance to win the game. Before proceed further in playing baccarat one should know about the values of the cards. All the cards that have been numbered with their face value and jack queen and kings will be valued as 0 and the value of ace will be 1. If the cards value will be more than 10 then the total of the card value will be subtracted by 10 to get the exact/ correct value.

The rules

Game is played with the 6 to 8 deck of cards and all the cards are placed in a box, the box is known as shoe and everyone gets a chance to handle the shoe. Before the dealer deals, the bets are placed by every player and there after the dealer deals two cards to each player and as well as to the banker, he may or may not be the dealer. Objective is to get as close as possible to the value 9. If total of your two cards is 9 or 8, both are known as naturals you win the game till the time dealer has the same then it’s a tie. If the value is 6 or 7 then you can stand but in case of 5 or less you will have to take a new card from the shoe.

How to bet

To bet in any casino game one must know the rules and objectives of the game before a bet is placed. In baccarat one can bet in 3 different types, as the game allows you to bet on the player, or on the banker, or you can bet for a tie. Before you bet, you should know how much amount you can lose on a bet. The money is yours and you have earned it with your hard work.

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