Mega Moolah slots gives out a huge payout

A whooping $3.84 million payout by Mega Moolah slots

Microgaming certainly is getting more and more popular in the online world. With the latest news regarding Microgaming casino you certainly might get to read that the Mega Moolah jack pot has just been hit in the online world.

Nearly 14 hours ago a lucky player of the casino online sites has managed to generate $3.84 million in cash by hitting the jackpot. One of the main benefits of hitting Mega Moolah is that the winner of the jackpot is entitled to receive a singe payout check for this big amount.

In present time the process of verification is on its way and the casino authorities are checking his ID for verifying the name and other bank details.

Ever since its release, mega Mollah has managed to hit nearly ten times earlier. In the past it is also true that a player has actually been awarded with $6 million in cash for playing this progressive. All other hits for the progressive have certainly been less than $3 million, but still it is a very big amount. You need to keep in mind that this progressive resets itself at $1 million pot value. In present time the jack pot amount is showing $1.1 million so it is certain that after being hit for $3.84 million Mega Mollah is also growing again by $11,000 within few hours. This certainly is also considered as very big amount in the online world.

It is certain that the moment you manage to hit such big progressive you get more confident to enjoy online slots of other progressives. So within a few days from now you certainly can expect the Mega Moolah to hit again for some other lucky player in the online world. If you are looking forward for this next hit then it is certain that you need to be a part of Microgaming casino bonus slots.