Las Vegas replaces by other forms of casinos

Online Casinos becoming a real threat to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the casino capital in the world famously known as Sun City of the world. You cannot find a single road in the city where you will not find a single casino. In the early 1900 it was a small city but in 1931 when government made casino legalized it becomes a city of glamour.

But now a day’s a big study is going on whether the city losses its glamour as casino capital of the world. According to the survey of leading website which claims that the attendance in the best online casino of Las Vegas decreases sharply in recent year.

When Casino was legalized at that time the city was the ultimate destination for casino lovers. Even in the first decade of 21st century it was the ultimate destination. Casinos are searching the reason why it slipped down from its place since its inception. Different reason comes forward. One reason is that today nearly every state of USA has at least a single casino. So if anyone gets it within his own area then why they will go to Las Vegas.

Another reason is that online casino is more popular today. People can play and make money from home. Some online companies are giving special facility to the player. But some conventional players are there who does not like to play the online casino games. They really like to play in real casino other than in simulator. They do not give any marks to these online casino games. They always like to have fan with a casino in Las Vegas.

Not only US most of the countries in the world are giving license to casino. This strategy helps them to get more taxes from casino. More casino will open more tax will come into government income tax department. Not only income tax some other tax like VAT, entertainment tax, taxes from alcohol are also coming to government treasury. Most of the Asian countries are also giving license to the casino. This will not affect the attendance in Las Vegas directly but indirectly it will affect the attendance.

Inflammation in US is also a major factor in US. Now people throughout the world are making savings rather than making more comfort. They don’t have sufficient amount of money to go to casino.

But the major concern is how they will again get back attendance. Though it is tough but nothing is impossible. One thing can be done every casino should start their own online casino. So people who are moving to USA Online Casino can get it from real. Another solution is that they can give some special discount. As giving some discount is the major weapon to attract the new customer as well as existing customer. Another business policy they can take that they can advertise the drawbacks of online casino gambling repetitive manner. They can advertise money fraud scandal more. Several other business policies are also there which can be taken to get back peoples attraction.