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Betfair live casinoIf you enjoy playing on online casino and arcade games but are looking for something slightly different then Betfair’s Real Deal Live Casino might be the answer In general most online casinos look the same and have a standard animated casino set Instead of an animated roulette wheel with a ball appearing from nowhere or hands of cards magically being dealt before your eyes Betfair’s Real Deal is the future in online gaming with a look and feel that provides a genuine casino feel. Real Deal is Betfair’s answer to providing an interactive online casino experience. It has a live dealer but with the speed an accuracy of an online casino. Real Deal gives the familiarity of a Las Vegas casino and has characteristics from a real land casino that makes the experience feel more real!

Live casino betfair dealerThe main element that makes up Real Deal is Betfair’s animated live dealer, Candy! She is Betfair’s virtual live dealer. You will find Candy in the virtual casino Real Deal lounge, where you can experience the thrill and buzz of 6 classic casino games Euro Roulette, Euro Blackjack, Vegas Blackjack, Baccarat, Money Wheel and Pontoon. In the virtual casino you will see all the normal elements of a real life casino! There are waiters going past with drinks, people winning or loosing around you and other Betfair games in the background. See something you like and click on it and it will take you the corresponding game in the arcade.

So lets meet Candy, who is she? What does she like? What does she do in her spare time? Well Betfair have covered this too! Candy is based on a real person her looks, facial and body features all come form a real person, which is why the animation is so realistic. She is from California, USA originally but now works for us at Betfair. She is a brunette, 5ft 8 has beautiful brown eyes and an athletic figure most females wouldn’t mind being their own. Candy in her spare time loves to Snow Board and Scuba Dive which makes her a very cool croupier chick!

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The programming behind the animated character is sophisticated enough so:

that she is not repetitive.. Candy is unlike any other software in the gaming industry, she appears life like to a point where even when you are not playing the game she is still breathing and blinking with the odd award winning smile while she waits patiently for you to place your next bet. Just like a normal live dealer would!

Now looking at the games that Betfair have available in this innovative software. You can choose form Euro Roulette, Euro Blackjack, Vegas Blackjack, Baccarat, Money Wheel and Pontoon. As far as game rules are concerned Real Deal Euro Roulette is no different to ordinary Euro Roulette. The wheel has the mandatory 34 red and black numbers with of course the 35th number being the green zero. You have the standard inside bets – straight up number, split between 2 numbers, street bet (3 numbers in a row), 4 way corner or a 6 way bet (placed at the bottom in the middle of 2 street bets). Also there are all the standard outside bets first, second or third dozen, any column, high or low, odds or evens and finally red or black. You will find that the odds are the same as well, you can check all these by going to the options tab when playing on the Real Deal Roulette if you would like more detail.

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Another game that Real Deal has to offer is Money Wheel – this game has the most simple principles and stats but you will find is still very thrilling and keeps you interested. Money Wheel is a typical Las Vegas Casino game that really shows off Candy as a live dealer. The money wheel has 7 different possible outcomes $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $40 Joker or $40 Betfair. Each outcome has its own odds so your stake will determine the payout you will receive if the wheel lands on your number. When Candy spins the wheel you will feel a rush of excitement to see the wheel clicking round wondering whether it will stop on the number you selected! Have a look at the options tab and help when playing the games to look at the full details of odds and statistics.

The other 4 games that Betfair’s Real Deal has to offer are table based card games. You can play on Euro Blackjack, Las Vegas Blackjack, Pontoon or Baccarat. All of these games are the same rules as in the ordinary casino lounge but made fun and interactive with Betfair’s live virtual dealer Candy. From the minute you start playing you notice an immediate difference in how you are dealt your cards to the polite welcome you get when you join the table. Playing a hand of cards with Candy is much more fun that with the standard online casino.

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When you play on Real Deal in the arcade section when you first sign up you will get 100% of your losses back up to £25 when you wager a min of £25! A no loss scenario! Sign up now to play Real Deal!